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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ben Gross

Fours years before, today, 6/20/2008, this picture was taken with my boss in GE. He is Ben Gross. I work for Ben for 18 months, and managed GE GIS Opsware Infrastructure in Alpharetta, GA. He is one of the good hearted man that work I with. We both had a good time, brain Storm discussions sessions for hrs and hrs.

Those 18 months, when I am with him, many things changed in my life - personal life, professional life and career. I learned a lot with and from him. I come to US as mid-level user for Opsware, under leadership, I grow as a SME and architect in Opsware/HPSA.

After leaving GE/GIS, I also stay close touch with Ben, either in phone or email and also keep communicating with him from time to time. It is really make me to go into a right direction in carrer.

Miss working with you Ben. All the best and good luck.

-:- Rameshkumar
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