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Monday, June 20, 2011

HPSA 9.10 - Database and Middleware Automation - Intergration

Another good milestone for HPSA 9.10 version is the Integration of Database Middleware Automation (formerly Stratavia Data Palette) with Server Automation and Application Deployment Manager.

The HPSA Java Client 9.10, have an interface or web call for bring up the HP Database Middleware Automation application.

Attached is the snap of it,

On the user, choose the Database and Middlware Automation option, a HPDMA page opens.

The HPDMA works on https://:4433/dma/

The most important thing about this HPDMA with HPSA 9.10 is that, HPSA Installer doesn't ask any options or choice or questions during the interview process of oiresponds file creation. That's good thing.

-:- Rameshkumar
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