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Thursday, January 26, 2012

HP Operations Orchestration 9.03 Released, Installed and Tested !!!

Just today on Jan 25th, 2012, HP released patch for HP Operations Orchestration 9.03, the fifth patch release of the minor version of HPOO 9.02. And an hotfix patch for the early patch 9.02.002. This patch release is a cumulative release that includes updates from the previously released patch 9.02.0001, 9.02.002. So the HPOO Infrastructure need install or upgrade to HPOO 9.02 before applying this HPOO 9.03 patch.

As usual, for me, it always extreme happy to play, install and test the newly release patch version. And again this time, I might be first person to play, install and test the HPOO 9.03:).

Today, I downloaded HPOO - 9.03 patch release and started to play with it in my VMs.

My HPSA VMs Configuration Details:
- 2 Oracle VMs:
RAM : 10GB
Hard Disk : 100GB
Oracle Version : Oracle 11g ( Standard Edition
OS : RHEL 5 (64Bit)

-2 HPSA Core VMs:
RAM : 10GB
Hard Disk : 100GB
OS : RHEL 5 (64Bit)

Here are my upgrade tests:

* Upgrade a HPOO 9.02.002 standalone Linux OS core to HPOO 9.03, where the DB [MySQL] on the local VM.

* Upgrade a HPOO 9.02.002 standalone Linux OS core to HPOO 9.02.0002, where the DB [MySQL] on the remote database [on a different Linux OS VM].

* Upgrade a HPOO 9.02 standalone Linux OS core to HPOO 9.03, where the DB [Oracle] on the local VM.

* Upgrade a HPOO 9.02 standalone Linux OS core to HPOO 9.03, where the DB [Oracle] on the remote database [on a different Linux OS VM].

* Upgrade HPOO 9.02 Cluster cores [both are in RHEL5] to HPOO 9.03, where the 2 DB's [MySQL] on the remote databases [on two different Linux OS VM].

I also patched HPSA 9.03 on a cluster cores and standalone core [with local DBs and remote DBs] about 10 times. No failures faced.

After patch Upgrade, I tested a few build-in accelerator packs for HPOO flows, OS Flows, HPSA functions, it worked as expected. :) Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support.

Whats is new in the HPOO 9.03 : 

1. Modifications to the Support Matrix:
HP OO 9.03 supports the following:
• Internet Explorer 9.0
• Firefox 9.01
• Ability to run OO on ESX 4.1
• Redhat Linux 6.1
• Terracotta 3.6.0

2. Reliability Issues:
Fixed reliability issues for the scheduler, by unifying the scheduler and central services.

3. Client Time Displayed in a Multi Time Zone Deployment:
All time display fields in the client web browser are synchronized according to the local time zone of the client computer. The selected time zone is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the Central window.

4. Central UI Usability Enhancements:
• Ability to add a label to a run name for a specific flow execution. You can add a label to the run name in the following:
o Execution user interface
o Scheduler pane
o Executing a flow API

• New columns added to help the user track the flow execution progress in the Current Run view in the Central.

• The following columns are now available, and are updated with information during the flow progress:
o Run name
o Step name
o Step start time
o Previous step name
o Number of processed steps

5. Studio usability enhancements:
• When you edit an input of an operation the Assign from and Assign to are automatically set to the variable name. Now you can configure the default selected value to be either the variable name or not-assigned.
• Improved usability for import of operations from RAS.

6. New APIs added to Central: The following API methods have been added to Central SDK and SOAP API:
o SOAP API: Repository folders
o SOAP API: Flows
o SOAP API: Selection lists
o SOAP API: Clusters
o SOAP API: Scheduler

New Defect/Bug Fixes in 9.03

The following are the 24 New Defect/Bug Fixes in HPSA 9.03 :

1. Wrap flow short description in about pop-up window. (QCCR1D92399)
2. Report filtering lost when examining report details (QCCR1D119803)
3. Support for OO Installation on VMWare ESX Server 4.1. (QCCR1D123025)
4. Cannot open a flow after you delete and save the Parallel Split operation. (QCCR1D137373)
5. Studio renders incorrectly html input that contains attributes in tags in the Display window (QCCR1D138711)
6. Editing the schedule of a disabled flow re-enables the flow. (QCCR1D139410)
7. Streaming 9.00.05 RAS content produces false negatives. The content client receives an error (QCCR1D139714)
8. Studio rich editor throws java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException. (QCCR1D140829)
9. Reports created in Central in a different time zone than the user, the time in the user interface is incorrect. (QCCR1D141600)
10. Load Balancer standalone upgrade requires manual jre installation. (QCCR1D141844)
11. When you update to 9.03 the updated help documentation is not updated (Studio and Central (QCCR1D141350)
12. Session expired errors on Current Runs in Firefox when System Proxy Settings is selected (QCCR1D141031)
13. Current Runs filters from the Filter Panel does not work with run name of the form Windows Health Check_104. However, the filter on the Name column does.(QCCR1D141002)
14. SoapUI used by wswizard issues, causes problems when creating operations with arrays as inputs. (QCCR1D140994)
15. Executing wswizard generated getSelectionList flow with empty value for name returns different error message than the expected one. (QCCR1D140993)
16. The minutes are taken from the server instead of the client. (QCCR1D140924)
17. Entering special characters in REST and HTTP flows, requires URL Encoding (QCCR1D140292)
18. Cluster installation failed as there are duplicate SQL statements of the insert command from the two nodes. (QCCR1D139540)
19. Upgrade or downgrade log files of the installation progress (QCCR1D141208)
20. All system stuck when NFS mount repository is down. (QCCR1D119803)
21. Live Network Connector installer exits abruptly for a set of credentials. (QCCR1D141353)
22. Terracotta has been updated to the latest version 3.6.0. (QCCR138449)
23. Update library tree exception. (QCCR1D47618)
24. JRE version has been updated from 1.6.0_29 to 1.6.0_18. (QCCR1D140983)

Here is my HPOO 9.03 Version Page:

If you have questions on this HPOO 9.03 release or installation issues, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck.

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