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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HP Database and Middleware Automation (HPDMA) 9.11

Yesterday Jan 17th, 2012, HP released patch for HP Server Automation - 9.11, this is the minor patch version is HPSA 9.10.

As HP Database and Middleware Automation is also bundled as tools in HPSA and hence HPDMA has latest version 9.11 in the HPSA 9.11 patch release.

Even though the login screen shows as HP Database and Middleware Automation version 9.11, the HPDMA just use the Web Server: 9.11.0 Repository: 9.10.0.

Another important thing, in HPDMA is a part of the tools in the HPSA Java Client it is tightly integrated with the "User and Group" permissions.

The following are the three different of permissions in HPSA Java Client for HPDMA:

1] Access Database & Middleware Automation
2] Create Workflows
3] Manage Database & Middleware Automation

Attached is the screen snapshot of it :

I don't have any Management or HPDMA Service Packs to learn more about HPDMA :( but currently understand how HPDMA is integrated in HPSA.

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