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Friday, January 06, 2012

HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) 9.02 - High Availability and Load Balanced Clusters

For last couple of weeks, I want do play with HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) 9.02 - High Availability and Load Balanced Clusters.

Today Fri, Jan 6, 2012, I have successfully installed HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) 9.02.0002 - High Availability and Load Balanced in MySQL Clustered DB.

I use RHEL5 based 4 VMs for this experiment
- 2 for HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO)
- 2 for MySQL Clustered DB 7.1.15

I use the HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) default Taracotta for load balance and high availability. The installation process is kind of confusing, but with little extra focus and couple of tries, it can be successful.

I face the following three issue/problems while installing HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) High Availability and load balancing clusters:

1] Configuration or Network Naming resolution problems.

2] Newly Joined Node Contains dirty database issues.

3] Repository Corrupted problem.

All those problems are fixed. Now working on Load balance performance metrics.

Over all, in my experience, compare with older versions, the current version is much stable and easy to install and configure the load balance and high availability clusters in HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO).

Please let me know if you face any issues of problems in HP Operation Orchestration (HPOO) load balancing and high availability clusters, I can able to fix it.

Good Luck.

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