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Monday, January 09, 2012

HP Network Automation (HPNA) 9.10.02 Installed and Tested !!

Just today on Jan 9th, 2012, HP released patch for HP Network Automation - 9.10. The patch version is HPNA 9.10.02. [The HPNA 9.10.01 patch release on July 27th, 2011. After 5 months, HP released this second patch for NA 9.10, which is little early on their patching cycle. :)]

But for me, it always extreme happy to play, install and test the newly release patch version. And this time, I might be first person to play, install and test it :) Today started to play with it in my VMs.

My VMs Configuration Details: 
- 2 Oracle VMs:
RAM : 10GB
Hard Disk : 100GB
Oracle Version : Oracle 11g ( Standard Edition
OS : RHEL 5 (64Bit)
-2 Core VMs:

RAM : 10GB
Hard Disk : 100GB
OS : RHEL 5 (64Bit)

* Upgrade of a standalone HPNA core's is very simple and easy. The patch install smooth without any issue as normal.

* Upgrade of a mesh HPNA core installation, also simple but little bit of additional patience and bit careful because of the Oracle RAC Cluster's replication.

As usual, here is my HPNA 9.10.02 Core's Version Page :)

After patching, I tested a few HPNA functions, it worked as expected. :) Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support.

The following 45 important/major bugs that are fixed in the HPSA 9.10.02 version :

QCCR1D115581 - Policy non-compliance email messages should highlight the violations
QCCR1D118702 - Out-of-memory errors
QCCR1B85988  - Satellite monitor fails with com/rendition/service/UserManager error
QCCR1B86526  - SSH exception/disconnection occurs while handling more prompts during new CLI discovery
QCCR1B89606  - Import Diagnostics, Policies & Command Scripts issue
QCCR1B91014  - Creating a group with the same name as a partition name causes exceptions
QCCR1B91254  - List of command scripts does not include site information
QCCR1B91466  - Limit of custom data field extensions not stated correctly in the product help
QCCR1B91615  - Group list performance is poor with more than 500 groups
QCCR1B91670  - Creating a 'New Event Notification & Response Rule' does not save the subsystem information
QCCR1B91786  - Session processing problems
QCCR1B92137  - HTTP Method Processing Errors
QCCR1B92142  - Policy based on dynamic criteria creates database problem
QCCR1B92189  - Running a show command changes the device configuration
QCCR1B92302  - Telnet client converts CR to CR+LF
QCCR1B92803  - Authentication failover description in help is incorrect
QCCR1B93054  - Device template issue: the initial configuration is not readable
QCCR1B93055  - html tags displayed in Recent/Running/Scheduled comments field
QCCR1B93263  - Enabling NA 9.10.01 cross site scripting feature affects policy related user's report
QCCR1B93365  - NA slow to execute scheduled child tasks from parent tasks
QCCR1B93619  - Search results missing comments field
QCCR1B93677  - Export/Import of command scripts truncates trailing whitespace which causes errors
QCCR1B93688  - Data on user pages not aligned correctly
QCCR1B93864  - Do not require Adobe Flash to use the user interface
QCCR1B93965  - User ID Mismatched When Performing Device Configuration Comparisons
QCCR1B94029  - Estimate space required for full text index and improvements to full text index addition
QCCR1B94031  - Device access error in batch snapshot task but not in individual snapshot task
QCCR1B94116  - CSV of compliance report displays policy compliance instead of the rule compliance
QCCR1B94258  - Device Groups page takes a long time to load
QCCR1B94263  - Tasks scheduled through a CSV file do not retain their configuration
QCCR1B94363  - Oracle queries cannot process a large number of partitions
QCCR1B94371  - Running diagnostic on Cisco firewalls yields many failures
QCCR1B94377  - No device discovery hints sent from NA to NNMi for existing NA devices
QCCR1B94492  - Software level violations not showing in Best Practices report
QCCR1B94740  - Provide a way to resize the proxy window
QCCR1B94963  - Data Pruning task fails
QCCR1B95133  - Inconsistency between API cmds and WSDL cmds – missing input parameters: deviceid
QCCR1B95184  - Displayed search results for MAC address differ from 'save as csv' results
QCCR1B95297  - Custom Actions Task Failed: Could not updateDeviceStatus for device xyz java.lang.NumberFormatException: multiple points
QCCR1B95400  - Java cannot find toolbar.png file
QCCR1B95510  - NA Proxy SSH session should not break when extended ASCII or multi-byte characters are typed in the terminal
QCCR1B95518  - Need a supported process for upgrading to Java 6 Upgrade
QCCR1B95629  - SSH proxy no longer connects automatically to devices
QCCR1B96014  - User with read-only permissions does not see policies and policy rules
QCCR1B96067  - Diagnostic task clears user attribution from Change Event Data

I also patched HPNA 9.10.02 on a multiple cores and in a multi-master mesh about 5 times. No failures faced.

If you have questions on this HPNA 9.10.02 release or installation issues, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck.

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