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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Did any one upgrade HP Network Automation (HPNA) 7.06.02 to 9.10.01 ?

HP released - HP Network Automation (HPNA) 9.10.01 patch on June 22 ,the first patch release of the major version of HPNA 9.10.

One of my VM HP Network Automation (HPNA) Core [with remote Oracle 11G database on the another VM] on version 7.06.02 and for a while, I have use turn on that VM. Back in July, I have a thought of upgrade HP Network Automation (HPNA) Core from 7.60.02 straight to 9.10.01 version.

As I was busy with the family and travels and HP Server Automation (HPSA) tests/upgrade, hence I don't have a chance to play around my old thought of upgrade my VM HP Network Automation (HPNA) Core from 7.60.02 straight to 9.10.01 version. Yesterday, I have few hrs, I start on that idea. It went very well.

Here are the step by step process that makes everything possible for my testing experiment:

1] Take snapshot of both HP Network Automation (HPNA) 7.60.02 core VM and remote DB Oracle VM.

2] Take copy of /opt/NA folder.

3] Upgrade core with the 9.10 upgrade media image. [The upgrade process takes more 4 hrs depend on the DB size.]

4] Patch with 9.10.01 media.

After installing, I tested couple of important and core HPNA functions, it worked as expected. :). The HP Network Automation (HPNA) GUI and application performance are very easy and good compare with the older versions. Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support.

So far, I have upgrade and did all the installation operations, with HPNA 9.10.01 on a multiple standalone cores [with or without HP Network Automation (HPNA) satellite] and in a multi-master mesh about 4 times. No failures or issues occurred, everything smooth.

The HPNA 9.10.01 doesn't have any new SR (service requests) Enhancement and hence right now, I am testing the performance, new GUI . 

Attached is the snapshot of HP Network Automation (HPNA) older and newer versions. ;)

If you have questions on this release or installation issues, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck.

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