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Monday, November 28, 2011

HP Server Automation (HPSA) Satellite :: Issue and Fix

Today I spend a lot time in fixing a long time "bothering" HP Server Automation (HPSA) Satellite issue.

Problem: [Almost 200] Agents that connect to the primary or secondary satellite, frequently having the certificate issues or traffic problem. The communication test failing on those 200 agents.

Root Cause of the Problem : The SSL Certificates and Crypto certificates are messed up and make the satellite to SA Core communications lags and end-up agent communication tests failed [with certificates error or time-out errors].

Fix : Remove both the [primary and secondary] Satellites SSL Certificates and Crypto certificates, uninstall the agent gateways, agent, agent cache and re-install the agent gateways with the proper SSL Certificates and Crypto certificates from the SA Core.

Current Status : The old satellite Realm removed and new Realm is created. All the 200 agents are started to responding/communicating back to new satellite Realm from the failover state. I have run the Communication test for 20 random servers, everything looks good

Current Setup : Now the new satellite Realm has two satellites a Primary Satellite] and a Secondary Satellite. The Secondary Satellite is setup as Load Balancer and Fail over to the Primary Satellite.  The Primary Satellite is setup ONLY the failover for the agents communicate and connect to the HP SA Primary and Secondary Cores.

During the whole exercise, I was using HP Server Automation (HPSA) 7.80 version Satellite Base and OS Prov CD for re-installing the HP Server Automation (HPSA) Satellite but the HP Server Automation (HPSA) core is on 7.84. After both the primary and secondary satellites are installed with 7.80, I patched it with 7.84 patch iso image.

The entire stuffs takes only 1 hour. ;) I can sleep tonight very well because one of my long pending and bothering satellite issue is fixed.

Let me know if you have any question on this.

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