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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HP Server Automation 9.10.02 Installed and Tested !!

HP released HP Server Automation - 9.10.02 patch on Nov 2 ,the second patch release of the major version of HPSA 9.10.

I was busy with the family and travels and hence I don't have a chance to test it until yesterday.

One thing, I'm not sure, the naming of the patches, until HPSA 9.10.01 patch, the names are same but in this patch version, HP named the patch with the "MPQ", I'm not sure what is MPQ?

SRVA_00084 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part1
SRVA_00085 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part2
SRVA_00086 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part3
SRVA_00087 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part4
SRVA_00088 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part5
SRVA_00089 ServAuto MPQ 9.10.02 part6

Yesterday, I downloaded the patch release of HPSA 9.10.02 and started to play with it in my VMs and Lab Physical Blades.

* Upgrade on a standalone core [which on HPSA 9.10.01] to new patch is very simple and easy.
* Upgrade on a single or two slices, also goes smooth without any issue.

As always, I attached my HPSA 9.10.02 Core's Version Page :)

After installing, I tested a important and core HPSA functions, it worked as expected. :)

Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support. So far, I have upgrade and did all the installation operations, with HPSA 9.10.02 on a multiple slices core and in a multi-master mesh about 3 times. No failures faced.

The HPSA 9.10.02 doesn't have any new SR (service requests) Enhancement and hence right now, I am testing the performance. 

If you have questions on this release or installation issues, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck.

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