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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

HP Server Automation 9.10.01 Installed and Tested !!

HP released patch for HP Server Automation - 9.10.01 The successor major version of HPSA 9.10.

I downloaded it and started to play with it in my VMs and Lab Physical Blades.
* Installation on a standalone core is very simple and easy.
* Installation on a single or two slices, also simple but little bit of additional patience. :)
* Upgrade a standalone core from HPSA 9.04 to HPSA 9.10.01 makes me crazy. But finally I make it.
* Upgrade a standalone core from HPSA 9.10 to HPSA 9.10.01 went smooth.

As always, I attached my HPSA 9.10.01 Core's Version Page :)

After installing, I tested a few HPSA functions, it worked as expected. :) Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support. So far, I have installed , upgrade and did all the installation operations, with HPSA 9.10.01 on a multiple slices core and in a multi-master mesh about 5 times. No failures faced. Right now, I am testing the new defect fixes.

If you have questions on this release or installation issues, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck.

-:- Rameshkumar
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