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Monday, June 20, 2011

About HP SA 9.10

HP Server Automation 9.10 has the following enhancements:

1. Migrate user functions from Web OCC to Java Client
a. User Security Settings
b. Run Communication Test
c. User Group Mgmt
d. Edit Custom Fields
e. Customer and Facility Mgmt
f. User Mgmt
2. Audit & Remediation
a. Improved Scalability and Performance Profile of Audit Jobs
b. Improved File Rule specification
c. Quicker and incremental opening of Audit Results for viewing
d. Able to add audit policy columns to the compliance dashboard
e. Export and import Snapshot Result through DET Backend
3. Software Management / Application Configuration
a. Soft Job cancellation
b. RPM Rollback
c. Application Configuration Point and Click Template Editor
4. OS Build Plans
b. ESXi 4.1
c. DHCPLess support
5. RAID Provisioning on HP ProLiant servers
a. Windows
b. Linux
6. Windows patching
a. Track pending reboots
7. Application Deployment Manager / Database Middleware Automation
a. Integration of Database Middleware Automation (formerly Stratavia Data Palette) with Server Automation and Application Deployment Manager
8. Error Messaging and Logging
a. Improved end-user error message handling
b. Internationalization support in errors