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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HP BSA Essentials

HP BSA Essentials was released on April 5, 2010 to all HP SA and HP NA customers. HP BSA Essentials software is the automation data warehouse and analytics software within HP BSA suite. HP BSA Essentials gives an ability to track the compliance state across infrastructure silos, and to help manage the new virtualization infrastructure.

HP BSAE 2.0 makes custom-reporting super-easy and is intended to replace the legacy HP Service Automation Reporter (SAR) product.

HP BSA Essentials mines data from HP Server Automation, HP Network Automation, and HP Operations Orchestration software and can generate reports that can be run on a regular or ad hoc basis to help you achieve powerful, flexible reporting.

HP BSA Essentials software enables you to:
1] Achieve flexible ad hoc and cross-domain reporting. Easily and quickly create ad hoc reports and report across IT domains using a simple web user interface without having to be a database expert. Simply drag and drop items, add graphics, change formatting, alter groupings, and more and leave it to the software to generate the database queries and the report.

2] Track your compliance state across infrastructure silos. Analyze compliance across data centers, server or network domains, and geographies. HP BSA Essentials software mines data collected by HP Network Automation and HP Server Automation, analyzes the data, and provides a comprehensive view of the overall compliance status of your networks and servers according to regulatory and corporate standards.

3] Gain visibility into the adoption rate of your virtualization technology. Easily see the relationships between the virtual and physical infrastructure and gain insight into compliance of your virtual machines (VMs). By understanding the physical-to-virtual relationships and their respective compliance statuses, you can understand resource utilization levels and assess the security risk of your virtual infrastructure.

After long email communications and discussions with Mallikarjun Chadalapaka, Product Manager, HP BSA Essentials , I got the right source binaries and started to play around it. It is 3 Disks Software. From my understanding, BSA Essentials is not like the legacy HP SAR Product. There are couple of critical changes done at the architecture level including of new compoent named Object Manager. As of now, there is not much documentation available for the BSA Essentials but a play install exercises will gives a lot of idea and knowledge about it. Hence I am planning to install tomorrow and started to drill down all the features and functionalities.