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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Journey towards Opsware Server Automation System (Opsware SAS) Technologies

Here is the story of a journey towards Opsware Server Automation System (Opsware SAS) Technologies:

I am all time Lover/Fan of Linux other than that the following technologies inspired me a lot.

1. MySQL
2. Oracle
3. JBoss App Server
4. Apache Web Server
5. Global File Systems

From my childhood, I was always want to learn new thing that other don’t think or try.

I started to learn the basics and fundamental Linux for a long time (may be 5-6 years) in my school and college days. I begin with Redhat Linux 1.0. Through Linux I hear or understand all those above mention technologies.

After I finish my college, I am very much eager and interested to work in a mixed environment of all those technologies.

Today I am 'fall in love' with all those technologies though Opsware Server Automation Systems.

Opsware Server Automation Systems (Opsware SAS) is mixture of Oracle Database, JBoss App Server, Virtual & Global File Systems, and Apache Web Server for Server Management and Administration System.

I am very very happy and proud to work on that mixture technologies, where by I can learn a lot of new stuffs in mixture mode just rather than a master in one or two technologies.

I aware and know the basic interface of the Opsware Server Automation Systems since 2004 end when NEC, Singapore use it … I am just to end user of the Opsware Web Client and Java Client during that time.

I started to learn Opsware since March 2006. I am lucky to get the Opsware Training Sessions (arranged by my company) from David Bamberger from Opsware Inc., My Manager (VVS Raghu), and Couple of good hearted people (such as Karan, Subbu etc.., ) choose me for this Opsware Training Sessions because they might know early than me that I am might going to “Fall in Love” with Opsware Technologies in future.

Here is the Picture that taken after the training sessions :) with my team members.

A Journey towards Opsware Server Automation System (Opsware SAS) Technologies continue since then. Right now, I am working in Opsware SAS Core Architecture, Opsware SAS Core Infrastructure Management and Administration for an infrastructure company with nearly 10,000 Servers :) I am very exited and interested to work on Opsware SAS.