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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HP Server Automation 9.04 Installed and Tested !!

It always nice to play, install and test the HP SA major and patch version.

The long weekend of Memorial Day, on May 30th, 2011, HP released patch for HP Server Automation - 9.00. The patch version is HPSA 9.04. [After 14 months HP release the patch for SA.]

I downloaded it in the same day and started to play with it in my VMs and Lab Physical Blades.
* Installation on a standalone core is very simple and easy. HPSA 9.04 goes smooth without any issue as normal.

* Installation on a single or two slices, also simple but little bit of additional patience. :)

Here is my HPSA 9.04 Core's Version Page :)

After patching, I tested a few HPSA functions, it worked as expected. :) Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support.

An issue occurred during installation,

The HPSA (Opsware) installer failed, with the following error msg in verbose log :

CVerifying crypto DB: FAILURE (unable to decrypt /var/opt/opsware/crypto/cadb/realm/opsware-crypto.db.e): CHECK_CRYPTO_OUT=Aborted: Unable to decrypt crypto DB; CHECK_CRYPTO_RC=1
[Jun-01-2011 03:18:51] Component installation script encountered an error (exit status 1)
[Jun-01-2011 03:18:51] Exiting Opsware Installer.

For more details, please see the following file:

To Fix this issue, I noticed that my oiresponse.word_uploads has wrong parameter for the argument %%decrypt_passwd. After fixing it to the correct one, the installer works fine.

So far, I have patched HPSA 9.04 on a multiple slices core and in a multi-master mesh about 10 times. No failures faced.

Good Luck.

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