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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

HP Server Automation 9.03 Installed and Tested !!

Finally on Feb 28th, 2011, HP released patch for HP Server Automation - 9.00. The patch version is HPSA 9.03.

I downloaded it in the same day and started to play with it.

* Installation on a standalone core is very simple and easy. HPSA 9.03 goes smooth without any issue as normal.

* Installation on a single or two slices, also simple but little bit of additional patience. :)

Here is my HPSA 9.03 Core's Version Page :)

After patching, I tested a few HPSA functions, it worked as expected. :) Nothing much to complaint or log a case with HP Support.

An issue occurred during installation,

The HPSA (Opsware) installer failed, with the following error msg in verbose log :

Connected to Facility 900 (HPSA900), v40.
Checking Platform 60029 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 X86_64)...
Updating Platform 60029 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 X86_64)...
Updating PlatformFamilies ['ALL', 'LINUX', 'REDHAT', 'UNIX']...
Setting __OPSW_rhn_channel_name to "rhel-x86_64-server-6" on RoleClassSpindictorWad 12280900...
Could not get Slice ips: Error retrieving Data Center object.
Record not found in table 'data_centers': WHERE (data_center_id = '78')
ERROR: Could not update Twist cache due to error in obtaining list of twists
[Mar-02-2011 19:14:50] Component installation script encountered an error (exit status 1)
[Mar-02-2011 19:14:50] Exiting Opsware Installer.

To Fix this issue, I noticed that my oiresponse.word_uploads has wrong parameter for the argument %truth.dcId. After fixing it to the correct one, the installer works fine.

So far, I have patched HPSA 9.03 on a multiple slices core and in a multi-master mesh about 10 times. No failures faced.

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